Open Your Heart & Your Mind To Healing With The Angels



Do you want to be clear-minded and calm?

Do you want to be able to flow through life a little more easily following the RIGHT guidance, and making the right decisions that lead you to abundance instead of lack?

Maybe you know that there's a calling inside of you pulling you in that direction, but you don't know where to start...

When I first started out on this spiritual journey I knew two things:

  1. I wanted to run my own business. It was a calling that I HAD to follow; and
  2. I had NO idea how to do how to run a business OR follow a 'calling'!

Today, I've been running my own business for nearly 13 years. And I've done it all by allowing myself to let go of that old thoughts and feelings that held me back. 

But I didn't do it alone. I had LOT of guidance and a lot of love.

That guidance and love didn't come from the people around me. It came from my angel friends.

They helped me keep going when I lost faith in myself. They guided me away from people who weren't going to support me. They showed me how to trust my soul's journey, instead of what was 'expected' of me.

Today, I help spiritually minded people, like you, start out on a new journey with a whole lot of spiritual insight, angel guidance and the universal laws...

Hi, I'm Monique Williams...

You probably already know that I channel a group of 6 non-physical beings who call themselves The Teachers.

What you may not know is that it's a total surprise that this is how I'm leading my life today...

Seriously, this is SO far from who I was before my spiritual journey began. If anyone had told me that I'd be channeling angels and giving out intuitive, Divine insights, I would have laughed in their face! 

But here I am! 

You see, I decided to follow my inner voice, instead of everything that everyone else expected of me. And what happened was nothing short of a miracle... 

I began to see myself differently. 

I acted on intuitive ideas, instead of letting fear stop me.

I followed through on my business. 

I DIDN'T give up!

I've just never given up on what I knew I needed to build for myself. And THAT is the miracle. 

This intuitive, channeling, energy healing world wasn't part of my upbringing! I was taught that I had to be just be normal... get a job, earn a wage, have a family...

That didn't really suit me. At all.

And when the Teachers stepped into my life, I guess you could say they made sure that nothing happened that wasn't in alignment with my higher purpose for being here... 

To become a spiritual teacher to people who wanted to follow their own soul calling to success.

Healing With The Angels...
In 3 Easy Steps.

This is the beginning of a journey. It's where you get to take command over what you want, by letting go of what's standing in your way.

Maybe you don't know what that is. And ultimately it wont even matter! What matters is that you learn how to carve a pathway for yourself towards your own success. 

How do you do that?

You let yourself be GUIDED!

I want to share a few ideas that where, in fact, the very first 'interruption' I had in my life. I mean that in a good way! My thinking and my patterns were interrupted by a group of angels who called themselves the Healing Angels. 

They were the first angels I channeled. They opened the way for the Teachers to step into my life, and for my soul calling to be seen and heard more fully. 

And when I sat down to create this program, they stepped in. They told me that they wanted to guide YOU too. That this was the beginning for so many of us spiritual seekers...

Guidance 1

Begin to talk to your own soul... There's a Divine voice within you that is always ready to guide you. Following it means that you stop sabotaging yourself and begin living a fuller life! Start with this simple exercise to open up to that Divine wisdom within you.

Guidance 2

Your soul is the leader of your life... In this second audio you are deepening the process of receiving your soul's guidance and healing the vibration you sent out into the world, through it. You'll receive a daily affirmation and begin to understand why it's important that you impress new messages on the subconscious mind to change the results you're getting in your life. 

Guidance 3

Release what's holding you back... In the third guidance you are going to learn how to let go more deeply of old fears and worries that prevent you from taking action on your true purpose in life. You'll begin to uncover the soul's purpose for being here and understand the first steps to success!

You'll receive 3 channeled audios running for about 20 minutes each. They are downloadable so you can listen to them in your own time. 

The aim of these meditations is to help you understand that you have a leader and a guide inside of you that is smarter, funnier, and much more clear on your direction in life, than your mind is!

Your mind is a powerful tool for processing all the guidance your soul is going to give you... And following that guidance is the difference between allowing ABUNDANCE into your life, or continuing to live with lack. 

We're talking about allowing success, wealth AND happiness into your world by following your soul's calling or mission. 

Sound good?!

Let's Do This!

YES! I am ready to receive this guidance and support in my life.

I understand that I will be paying just $7USD (normally $27USD).

And that I will be emailed access within a few minutes.