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The Beautifully Wild Project

How do you access the courage you need to build the dreams within you?

You listen to the soul’s guidance. You follow it. You begin a journey…

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What is Spirituality?

Here's something you need to know... Spirituality is a conversation between you and God.  No middle man (or woman). No dogma. No rules. No judgment. …

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One Step At A Time…

Want to know what carving a pathway to success looks like? Well, here's the most important question we can ask: How can I make this idea (for more …

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About Monique



I started this journey in 2005 when a group of non-physical beings who called themselves the Teachers told me that I’d be sharing their messages around the world.

I snorted… as if!
They laughed… as though they knew more than me.

Today, after channelling over 20 courses and coaching hundreds of people from all over the world on how to be more successful, calmer and intuitive, I can only say they proved me wrong…

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